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I think the fact that Nim initiated conversation is a sign that the animal had learned to communicate. However, I don’t think that is the primary lesson behind the readings. I think it is appalling that someone would be able to take a chimp away from its mother, raise it as a human, and then place it back into a system designed for animals. I personally don’t believe there is anything we need to learn that we would have to abuse animals in order to do so. I understand there  was a time when people didn’t know what  they were doing and the Nim story may fall into that category but I hope we can all learn from stories like these. Furthermore, I think learning to understand animal language would be just as useful and would be way less harmful than forcing animals to learn our language. I think people should pay more attention to understanding nature than trying to force nature to fit into our ideas of what is right, wrong, and proper. 


Really late week 4 ch. 1-9

I am really excited about reading the lost world. Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies! As for things in the book that are “a lost world” to us today, the primary thing I noticed is how women are treated. However, I believe that the interest in dinosaurs, science, and hate for journalists is pretty much the same. 

Unit 2


  1. I believe that it is human nature to always wonder what else could be out there. It seems to come naturally to us to look at a forest or the sky or even the future and have out imaginations run wild with possibilities. This human characteristic is also where many common ideas, beliefs and technologies have arisen from. I think a strong argument can be made for the understanding that without our imaginations, human progression would at the very least be hindered if not terminated completely.

  2. I do not believe that the public “is not very smart.” When we look at the history of mankind, we have come a long way. There is always going to be a spectrum of intelligence in human kind, however, the spectrum has definitely shifted up over the years as education becomes more common place and our collective pool of knowledge grows. We as a species can only advance so quickly and we are already surpassing the natural norm for advancement and growth. Furthermore, having a healthy imagination is not a sign of a lack of intelligence. Both intelligent and unintelligent people can and do poses this characteristic. In addition, it is my belief that having a strong since of imagination and wonder as well as having the ability to recognize that there are still unknowns in this world demonstrates intelligence even if the person is later proven wrong.

  3. I believe that NOT spending time thinking about space aliens is unscientific. The universe is unimaginably large, I believe that it is statistically more likely for there to be planets that can, and do, support life than for there to not be. In my opinion, it is arrogant and closed minded of us to not entertain the possibility of “space aliens.” Although their existence may not have any practical value to us at this time, understanding how we relate to space and nature is a step closer to understanding who we are and in my opinion, that has extreme value. Furthermore, the humbling notion that we are not alone and may not even be superior to all other life forms in the universe helps people to reevaluate their current life paths, strive harder for progression, and reconsider how they treat themselves, others, and the world they live on.

  4. I think it is easy for people to assume and accept that we fully know our Earth, that we are superior to all other living things, that we know what is best at all times, and that there is nothing left to discover on this planet. Playing pretend in movies, tv shows, and books is one thing, but to believe it is taboo. People can quickly forget the past, loosing touch with how recently and often new discoveries are made. I also think that maybe the internet plays a role in this. We have so much information at out fingertips, I believe it makes it easier to think we have all the answers. However, the internet has only been around for such a short time, it will take time for our relationship with the it to mature. I believe that soon it will have the opposite effect as more people start posting odd things they find. For example, I recently saw this video and although the suspected answer was soon posted in the comments it demonstrates both how there are still mysteries in this world as well as how the internet is bringing those mysteries to light.

  5. Yes, I believe that fantasy is an important part of human nature and will only grow in intensity as life’s necessities are easier met and people have more time to think about “trivial” things. I also believe that as our passion for fantasy grows, it will have a positive effect on how regularly we use our imagination and will thus aid in our progression and growth.