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I think the fact that Nim initiated conversation is a sign that the animal had learned to communicate. However, I don’t think that is the primary lesson behind the readings. I think it is appalling that someone would be able to take a chimp away from its mother, raise it as a human, and then place it back into a system designed for animals. I personally don’t believe there is anything we need to learn that we would have to abuse animals in order to do so. I understand there  was a time when people didn’t know what  they were doing and the Nim story may fall into that category but I hope we can all learn from stories like these. Furthermore, I think learning to understand animal language would be just as useful and would be way less harmful than forcing animals to learn our language. I think people should pay more attention to understanding nature than trying to force nature to fit into our ideas of what is right, wrong, and proper. 


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  1. I agree with everything you said up until you said for us to try and learn their language. Like we do not know what they are ‘saying’ and they do not know what we are saying, so ho would that work? I guess maybe we teach chimps such as Nim away from its habitat and teach it our language, then in turn Nim teach us the chimp language. However that would still involve the wrongness of taking the chimps away from their mothers and putting them into a whole new environment. Maybe like you hinted at, make us fit the monkeys, not making the monkeys fit us, but in my opinion that would take some crazy people to go live with wild monkeys for however long trying to learn their language and the way they live. I do not know, something to really thing about maybe.

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