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1. Do hypertexts and hypergrams helps people for mental maps of information, increasing their ability to organize large amounts of information mentally, or do they decrease people’s ability to do so by doing the work for them in information sites?

2. Is the new direction that the computer interface is taking (where there are just boxes you click on the home screen that take you where you want to go) moving the idea of a computer away from the “cold, immaculate, sterile, ‘scientific’, & oppressive” appearance?

3. Should children be encouraged to play non-academic computer games and if so to what extent?


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  1. I wonder if one day the internet could be so interactive that children could be left alone, I cant say unsupervised because they would be visible by the person on the other side of the internet connection. For some reason, children are so consumed by technology and electronics. It may not be as hard to control them attention spans as once thought. I also, may have no idea as to what I am talking about. I guess the scientific process can one day tell us the result.

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